Friday, June 22, 2012

Parker's Pointers

Yes we are letting the cat out of the bag…cats are cool!

Sharing life with humans though a domestication process that some suggest started as much as 12,000 years ago, cats are clearly a favorite of American pet owners numbering nearly 86 million in the U.S.

            What is so cool about cats? Oh, the list is long! Cats require less “taking care of” than dogs mostly because they use a litter pan and don’t have to be let outside multiple times per day. Kittens somehow just seem to know to use the litter pan without being taught. Cats are also a bit more solitary by nature. But not me I love to great all our guest at the front desk! They are not pack animals and hunt alone in the wild so they do not have to feel the need to be constantly social.
            Did you know cats can jump five times their height? Their agility is fascinating to watch and their curious nature makes them quite entertaining to play with (and sometimes frustrating when they are curious about things you want them to stay away from). The staff here at Pampered Pets sometimes gets frustrated with me when I'm trying to help them on the computers!  Cats are also very interesting vocally. They can make over 100 sounds (dogs can make about one tenth of that) and purring is a sound they can make even while eating.
            There is much more to be said about why cats are cool. Stay tuned to future blogs and learn from veterinarians regarding common feline health issues as well as tips for cat owners and some fun facts. We hope you find this blog as fun as I find catnip…you’ll be fascinated full of joy and happiness but please stop short of rolling around on the ground or you be labeled a Crazy Cat Person!

Ø  Parker