Friday, October 24, 2014

Parker's Pointers for Halloween

Parker's Pointers

Halloween Edition

          Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! There are so many decorations to get into and bat around. Fake cob webs? ATTACK! Those wonderful decorative corn stalks? KNOCK 'EM DOWN! You get my point. Around the holidays there are often various new and exciting things for your pets to explore and play with. While I love all of those new "toys," my least favorite thing is all of the monsters that sound like they ate children coming to the door! There's so many, they're so loud, and so spooky! This means you must be cautious with decorations and when trick-or-treaters come knocking on the door. In this edition of Parker's Pointers, I'll give you tips to make Halloween purrrrfect for you and your pets.
          While we, as your pets, have the absolute cutest faces and have mastered the art of begging, the bowl of candy is only for the trick-or-treaters to dip into. Candies can be very dangerous, and even fatal, for many of us. Dark chocolates and candies containing Xylitol are especially dangerous for animals! If your pet pulled a Houdini and made some candy vanish, call your vet or the ASPCA Animal Poison Center at 1-888-426-4435 immediately. If you can't help but to drop us some seasonal treats try making or buying pet-friendly pumpkin products! Pumpkin is actually has many health benefits for pets. Check out some fun pumpkin treat recipes by clicking here
          Curiosity isn't just a trait us cats carry; all animals are curious, especially when new things are introduced into the home. Be careful with decorative plants like squash and corn. We may want to nibble those and doing so could upset our tummies. Likewise, be cautious with placement of wires and cords to electrical decorations. These make perfect floss for us when we have those delicious treats you made us stuck between our teeth, so chewing on them seems like a good idea to us at the time! This can cause injury and may even be fatal if we receive a nasty electrical shock or burn! Jack-O-Lanterns with real candles can also be very dangerous and curious kittens run a high risk of being burned. Try replacing that candle with an electric tea-lite candle; it will last longer and be much safer.
          Costumes are certainly a very fun part of the holiday....for humans. Costumes for pets can agitate and stress us out quite a bit. You may certainly be laughing, but we're not! If you decide to dress your pet up, make sure they are comfortable being in the costume in the first place. If they are, be certain there are no dangling parts that can easily be chewed off and eaten. If your pet prefers their "birthday suit" but you insist they be festive, try festive painting stencils on them with non-toxic colored hair spray or hair chalk. Many groomers now offer this as a fun option, so check with yours.   
          Lastly, those monsters knocking at the door and ringing the doorbell all night can be terrifying for some of us. Close your pets into a quiet secluded room in your house to minimize our stress. Don't forget our pumpkin treats! If you are unable to give us our own room be very careful not to let us dart out while you're opening the door for trick-or-treaters. Be sure we have our proper identification on in the case we do make it outside! A microchip and ID tags can be a lifesaver during this hectic holiday.
          I hope these pointers help keep you and your pets have a great and safe holiday. You can also get the most out of Halloween for your pet by bringing them to Pampered Pets Bed and Biscuit for any of our exciting Halloween activities that we will be doing all week! Check out the complete list of Halloween activities here. Remember, don't forget our pumpkin treats!

Pawsfully yours,
Parker Sr.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy Howl-O-Ween!
Oct. 27th - 31st

Monday, Oct. 27th
Bobbing for Tennis Balls
The dogs will be bobbing for tennis balls in the pool! 

Tuesday, Oct. 28th
Monster Madness
We will be taking photos of your pets, digitally altering them to look like spooky monsters, and emailing you a high resolution copy! Photos will also be posted to Facebook.

Wednesday, Oct. 29th
Pumpkin Art

Your pup will decorate real pumpkins! Your pet's paw print pumpkin will be sent home with you to show off!

Thursday, Oct. 30th
Straw Maze

This event is a favorite among the dogs! We let them run through and explore the Haunted Straw Maze.

Friday, Oct 31st
Costume Contest

Be sure to dress you pet up in their best Halloween costume! Pictures will be taken and sent home with you. We will also put the photos on Facebook and let our fans vote on their favorite costume. The top 3 dogs will get prizes!

Photos will be taken at all of the events and posted onto our Facebook page. Stop by or call today to reserve a spot for your pet!
Fort Wayne: (260) 489 - PETS (7387)
Napoleon:    (419) 592 - PETS (7387)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Pets of the Month - Napoleon, OH 

Jack & Jill
Daycare Guest of the Month

Guest of the Month

Jack and JillGracie
Jack and Jill are 5 year old Manchesters that come for Daycare. They have been coming to Pampered Pets Bed and Biscuit since 2010. They come for both daycare and lodging. They love going on long walks and mingling with their friends!
Gracie is a Mini Labradoodle and is almost 4 years old. When she stays with us, she loves to bring a toy or her blanket to you! She has a cute, sweet, and feisty personality. Gracie is a dual player, which means she can play with small and large groups. She has the energy to play with big dogs and the sweetness to play with the small dogs.

Pets of the Month - Fort Wayne, IN 

Emma & Watkins Schlegel
Daycare Guest of the Month

Nacho & Charlie Cummings
Guest of the Month

Emma and WatkinsNacho and Charlie
Emma is a one and a half year old female Husky mix. Watkins is a three year old male Shepherd mix. They are usually in the large dog "Kooky Canine" group. Emma is best friends with Murphy, a shepherd mix. Watkins is best friends with Peyton, a Weimaraner. They love to play tug and wrestle.
Nacho is a two and a half year old male Chihuahua. Charlie is a four and a half year old male Pit Bull mix. They both love lots of attention from our staff here at PPBB. Nacho in particular loves to cuddle. They love to play in daycare, especially with each other, and are super sweet and friendly.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Dog-Tober is here!


National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Photo courtesy of Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control

"The number of dogs and cats euthanized every year has gone down, but annually there are about 2.7 million healthy shelter dogs and cats who aren't adopted." Photo courtesy of Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control

1. When considering a new addition to your family, consider adopting from your local animal shelter or pet rescues. Often, rescue pets are more affordable and come with the "whole package," like vaccines, training, socialization, free vet check ups, trial bags of food, microchips and much more! Check with your local rescue or shelter to see what their adoptions offer!

2. We all have a favorite breed, and that's okay! Today, there are many specialized rescues for various breeds. Try resources like Petfinder and The Shelter Pet Project to search for exactly what you want! You can enter gender, breed, age, and much more.

3. Shelter pets are screened and tested for good health. Many shelters and rescues provide a spay/neuter program and vaccinations, if the pet is the appropriate age. Check with your rescue to see what is included in your adoption.

4. Shelter pets are also screened for good behavior. Many dogs are tested for aggression, both with food and toys.

5. Some shelters or rescues will help with training! Pet parenting classes are becoming more popular, and some shelters even offer free classes for new pet parents.

6. Consider adopting older pets. Older pets have "been around the block" and know a thing or two about pleasing their pet parents. Usually, less training is required with pets that have outgrown their juvenile years.

7. We're all pet lovers, and if we all wish we could adopt them all! If you aren't able to open your home permanently to a new fur-child consider fostering or volunteering for a local rescue or shelter. Check with your local rescues and shelters for specific volunteer and foster home opportunities. You'll get the benefit of the cuddles and the heart-warming feeling of helping animals.

8. Consider donating to your favorite rescue or shelter. Donations don't always need to be monetary, either. If your pet has old supplies they don't use anymore, the shelter pets would love new toys and beds. There are also pet food pantries that accept food donations.

9. Pampered Pets in Fort Wayne is celebrating Adopt a National Dog month by beginning a new sponsorship with Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control. We will be offering free spa baths for any dog adopted from ACC, within the first 10 days of adoption! We are also sponsoring one very special dog each month and offering special offers and gifts to be redeemed at the Pampered Pets Fort Wayne location! Stop in to ACC today, or check our Facebook, to meet the lucky dog and see the exclusive offer!