Tuesday, August 13, 2013

National Spoil Your Dog Day!

15 Ways to Celebrate

National Spoil Your Dog Day!

Yay! August 10th was National Spoil Your Dog Day! Parker has his request in for National Spoil Your Cat Day, but considering the normal nature of cats, we think that would be redundant. Anyway, here’s a list of fifteen guaranteed ways to spoil your pooch ! Why not get as many of them in as you can?

1.      Bring them to doggie daycare so they can play with their friends!
2.      Take them to get pampered at your local pet spa!
3.      Buy them a new toy!
4.      Take them swimming!
5.      Swing by a pet bakery & pick your pooch up some gourmet treats!
6.      Take them for a nice long walk!
7.      Make them a special dinner! Be sure to make it pet friendly!
8.      Play some of their favorite games like fetch or tug!
9.      Roll down the windows and take a drive!
10.  Provide a playmate–adopt another dog, if you haven’t already!
11.  Buy them a new collar or outfit!
12.  Whip out the brush & let them relax while you brush their hair!
13.  Buy them a new bed fit for a King! (or Queen!)
14.  Check to see if there are any pet related or pet friendly events going on in your area, if so take your pooch!

15.  Give them as much love and attention as possible! J