Monday, August 31, 2015

Keep Your Pets Safe this Labor Day

Keep Your Pets Safe this Labor Day

Labor Day; it's the last big hurrah of the summer. Everyone will be packing their cars and dashing to the lakes and firing up their grills. Like any other big holiday, we're here to give you a few friendly tips to keep your pet safe for the long weekend ahead.

Beware of Table Scraps and Other Food Dangers
If your dog is a stealth master at swiping food off the table, or has food sensitivities, it's best to warn your guests and politely ask them not to feed your pup anything without your permission. If kids are around keep an eye on any food that they may drop. You'll also want to be aware of the trash, get a trash bin with a lid, or put the trash in an area the dog can't get to. Leftover fat from meat, juice-soaked strings from roasts, bones, and even corn cobs can result in a trip to the veterinary hospital E.R.

Food isn't the only thing to worry about! If you intend on hosting weekend guests, ensure that any medications they bring are kept out of reach of your pets. Keeping bags and purses away from pets is also a good idea to prevent your pets from rummaging for tasty candies that may be packed with Xylitol (which is toxic to pets). Also, while preparing your yard for a big shindig be aware that all herbicides or pesticides are stored safely in a place that pets (and children!) can't get them.

Beat the Heat
Because it's the last big summer party, you will likely spend as much time as possible outdoors this weekend! If your pet is spending that time with you be sure to keep them cool. Never leave your dog in a hot car, even if you just need to "run into the store for just a second." Leaving a dog in a car during warm days can still be a fatal mistake. Elderly dogs and short-snout dogs, such as Shar Peis and Pugs, have difficulty breathing in hot weather. Be sure to watch for signs of overheating, such as rapid panting and glazed eyes. If you notice your dog might be overheating, apply cool water (not ice cold water, as it can lock in body heat) to the belly and groin and take them to a vet immediately.

 Prevent Escape
Labor Day is no Fourth of July, but fireworks are still something to keep in mind. Guests, especially children, may not be as diligent about closing gates or doors as you are. When you're busy entertaining guests it is easy to overlook that your pet may have gotten out, so check on them often. Be sure your pet is wearing their collar with clear identification tags and have them microchipped.

When in Doubt, Call Pampered Pets!
Another great solution to keeping your pet safe is lodging them with us! Our facilities are closed to the public on Labor Day, but we still have staff with the dogs from 6:45am to 7pm every day! Hurry, because we fill up FAST on holiday weekends.
Fort Wayne: 260.489.7387
Napoleon: 419.592.7387

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