Saturday, October 24, 2015

7 Signs of Pain in Dogs

When it comes to dogs, pain can be hard to detect. For dog's wolf ancestors, showing signs of weakness made a wold vulnerable, which resulted in danger. Because of this heritage, it is in a dog's nature not to purposefully reveal when it feels pain, sick, or is injured. It's important for dog owners to be aware of these seven signs that signify their pooch is in pain.

1. Gait
A gait is a change in the way your dog walks, like limping, hobbling, or favoring a leg over another. 

2. Energy
If your dog is more lethargic than usual it may mean she or he is feeling a little under the weather.

3. Appetite 
Disinterest in food is a clear indication of ailment.

4. Eyes
Those puppy dog eyes we all love so much can do more than just get a few treats out of the owner. Bloodshot and dilated or constricted pupils can be a sign that something is awry. A dog in pain also tends to squint frequently.

5. Demeanor 
If your sweet pooch has turned from lover into Cujo all of a sudden, it may be an indication that she or he is hurting. 

6. Breath
Shallow, fast breaths or excessive panting for no discernible reason could be a sign that your dog isn't feeling well.

7. Posture
If a dog is hunching over, fidgety, or particularly rigid it may mean they are injured or sick.

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